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Kennametal Erickson DV50 Tap Adaptor Holders

Tap Chucks RC Tension and Compression Solid
RC Rapid Quick-Change Tap Adapters - Tapping

Primary Application
ERICKSON RC Rapid Quick-Change Tap Adapters are convenient for hand changes with taps within seconds. No wrenches or locknuts are required. For this positive drive tap adapter, simply hold the tap in place with internal locking balls and drive on the tap square.

Features and Benefits

  • Compact Rapid Change by hand design.
  • Solid positive drive.
  • Coolant through the tap design.

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  1. RC

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    DV50RC1075M » 19.00 36.00
    DV50RC2084M » 31.00 53.00
    DV50RC3139M » 48.00 78.00
  2. STRC

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    DV50STRC1074M » 19.00 36.00
    DV50STRC2089M » 31.00 53.00
  3. TA MM

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    DV50TA40070M » 44.00 68.00
    TA MM

6 Item(s)

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