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Kennametal Kenfeed Mini Copy Mill Inserts

KenFeed™ Mini - Small High-Feed Milling Cutters for Machining Small and Medium Components

Primary Application

Roughing operations through the latest milling strategies up to 55 HRC. Specially suited for small parts or machines with lower power capacity. The KenFeed Mini delivers higher productivity with reduced tooling costs.

Features and Benefits

  • Platform designed for pocketing, ramping, and helical interpolations.
  • Excellent runout accuracy increases general performance and higher tool life.
  • Strong design capacity to support higher cutting forces and unstable situations.
    Just two topographies to cover all applications with easy selection.
  • Screw-On and shell mill cutters with internal coolant.
    Coolant holes: better chip evacuation and higher the tool life.
  • Insert and body design with superior copy milling capabilities enable
    us to run the cutter with true ramping, profiling, and pocketing capabilities.

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Set Descending Direction
  1. Indexable Insert WPGX03

    Inserts for LD providing lower cutting forces

    Product Code D S Cutting Edges  
    WPGX030204LD080 KC522M » 5.50 2.38 8.00 3
    WPGX030204LD080 KC725M » 5.50 2.38 8.00 3
    WPGX030204LD080 KCPK30 » 5.50 2.38 8.00 3
    WPGX030204LD080 KCPM20 » 5.50 2.38 8.00 3
    Indexable Insert WPGX03
  2. Indexable Insert WPGX-LN

    Inserts for Hard Machining

    Product Code D S Cutting Edges  
    WPGX030204LN080 KC510M » 5.50 2.38 8.00 3
    Indexable Insert WPGX-LN

Set Descending Direction

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