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Kennametal BT30 Shell Mill Holders

Shell Mill Adapters with Through Coolant
Through-Coolant Shell Mill Adapters

Shell mill adapters with high-pressure and high-volume through-coolant capability are now available as standard offerings. Their unique design enables maximum coolant flow to be channeled directly to a tool's cutting edge. These latest shell mill adapters with through coolant are ideal for holding indexable milling cutters. Together, the toolholder and cutter ensure excellence in tool life, surface quality, and productivity. With this combination, high-pressure or high-volume coolant can dramatically improve surface finishes, reduce tool wear, decrease cutting force, and control chip shape and evacuation. This makes through-coolant shell mill adapters perfect for machining hardened steels and other difficult-to-cut materials like titanium.

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  1. SMC Cap MM

    Product Code D1 D2 L1  
    BT30SM2C16035M » 16.00 38.00 35.00
    BT30SM2C22040M » 22.00 42.00 40.00
    BT30SM2C22050M » 22.00 42.00 50.00
    BT30SMC16035M » 16.00 44.00 35.00
    BT30SMC16050M » 16.00 44.00 50.00
    BT30SMC22040M » 22.00 49.00 40.00
    BT30SMC22050M » 22.00 49.00 50.00
    SMC Cap MM

7 Item(s)

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