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Kennametal Accessories


  • Shrink Fit Unit Offering
  • Induction Shrink Fit Unit TTISG3400EU
  • Induction Shrink Fit Unit TTISG3400NA
  • Induction Shrink Fit Unit TTISG3400CCEU
  • Induction Shrink Fit Unit TTISG3400CCNA
  • Shrink Fit Axial Adjustment Gages
  • Balance Screw Sets
  • HC Hydraulic Chuck Test Pins
  • HC Hydraulic Chuck Cleaning Brushes
  • Collet Extractors TG
  • TG Round Flush-Face Locknuts
  • TG Balanceable Round Locknuts
  • Coolant Disk Assemblies
  • TG Standard Round and Hex Locknuts
  • ER Standard Short and Slim Locknuts
  • ER Slim Coolant and Hex Locknuts
  • ER Coolant Hex and Standard Round Locknuts
  • ER Coolant Round Locknuts
  • Coolant Locknut Sealing Disks and Disk Sets
    • ER16
    • ER20
    • ER25
    • ER32
    • ER40
  • DA 01 Double Angle Locknuts
  • DA 04 Double Angle Locknuts
  • DA 08 Double Angle Locknuts
  • Stop Screws
  • Coolant and Blank Caps
  • Extended Caps
  • Shell Mill Adapter Lock Screws
  • Shell Mill Coolant Lock Screws
  • Tightening Fixtures
    • KM Vise Mounts
    • KM4X and HSK Vise Mounts
    • HSK Universal Mounts and Sleeves
    • 7/24 Steep Taper Vise and Universal Mounts
  • P-KM and HSK Spindle Plugs
  • KM, HSK, and 7/24 Steep Taper Spindle Wipers
  • HSK Coolant Supply Units and Wrenches
  • Retention Knobs
  • Socket Wrenches
  • KM Manual Torque Wrenches
  • KM-LOC II and KM-LOC Wrenches
  • T-Handle Hex Wrench Sets
  • Universal Bit Drivers
  • Driver Bits
  • Open-Ended Wrenches
  • Pin Spanner and Hook Spanner Wrenches
  • Rapid and Rapid Plus Wrenches

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