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Kennametal BT30 Hydraulic Tooling

Hydraulic Tooling

Basic Line
Basic Line hydraulic chucks have a high-quality runout specification of .0001. These chucks are balanced-by-design for speeds up to 10,000 RPM. Like the Trend Line, Basic Line chucks utilize an axial back-up screw through the chuck bore to achieve a 3/8" radial adjustment. Larger body diameters give this chuck a higher torque transmission (grip) of 220 ft. lbs.
Please note that the standard SEFAS chamfering ring cannot be used in this chuck design.

Standard/HP Line
Our proven Standard Line hydraulic chucks have an external adjustment screw for radial alteration up to 3/8" of the cutting-tool length. This feature eliminates the need to remove the cutting tool or retention knob to make fine adjustments. Standard Line chucks are prebalanced and can also be used with SEFAS™ chamfering rings. Please see the toolholder sections of this catalog for information regarding balancing quality.

Slim Line
Slim Line hydraulic chucks have a sophisticated shape for universal application and maximum precision. After the chucking process, safety is guaranteed if a minimum clamping force or a transmittable torque (determined according to the clamping diameter) is reached. This is achieved through the clamping screw operation and the stroke of the clamping piston that force the hydraulic oil into the thin-walled expansion chamber with high pressure.

Kennametal hydraulic chucks provide optimum performance for clamping full cylindrical straight shanks, such as solid carbide drills and end mills. Activation of the chuck is achieved by turning the piston screw, which pressurizes the hydraulic fluid and exerts force on a thin-walled membrane along the length of the clamping bore. This highly concentric clamping force not only holds the tool shank more securely, but also produces a dampening effect that reduces vibration and helps eliminate microcracking on cutting edges. A safety stop prevents chuck damage caused by over-tightening either with or without the cutting tool in place. Another unique feature is the special spiral wiper groove in the chuck's clamping bore that securely grips oily tool shanks. All Kennametal hydraulic chucks utilize a range of sealed, cutting-tool-reducing sleeves to maximize chuck versatility. Reducing sleeves can also be used for converting bores from inch to metric and vice versa.

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  1. HC Trend MM

    Product Code D1 D2 D21 L1 L2 L9 V  
    BT30HCT06075M » - 25.70 32.00 - 35.00 27.00 10.00
    BT30HCT08075M » - 27.70 32.00 - 35.00 27.00 10.00
    BT30HCT10080M » 10.00 29.70 32.00 - 38.00 31.00 10.00
    BT30HCT12085M » 12.00 31.60 32.00 - 40.00 36.00 10.00
    BT30HCT14100M » 14.00 33.60 50.00 100.00 46.00 36.00 10.00
    BT30HCT16100M » 16.00 37.60 50.00 100.00 47.00 39.00 10.00
    BT30HCT18100M » 18.00 39.60 50.00 100.00 47.00 39.00 10.00
    BT30HCT20100M » 20.00 41.60 50.00 100.00 48.00 41.00 10.00
    HC Trend MM

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