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RHM™ Modular Reaming System

The RHM Modular Reaming System achieves solid reamer metal removal rates from diameter 14-50mm with no customisation required. All standard reamer heads are ground to achieve an ISO H7 tolerance class addressing most applications. This system gives you fast and easy change of heads using axial actuation toolholders, and replaceable heads eliminate the need for repeating runout check. Specific coatings and lead configurations enable high-speed machining of steel, stainless steel, cast iron, and non-ferrous materials at accelerated speeds.

Primary Application

Use SIF™ Steerable Hydraulic Chucks or SIF Adaptors for easy compensation of radial runout and angular inaccuracies of the spindle to achieve the highest possible hole straightness and surface quality.

Radial or axial actuation tool bodies are available at diameter 20mm.

Features and Benefits

Taper-Face Contact with KST Coupling

  • Symmetrical torque transmission near head.
  • Higher feed rate than conventional reaming tools.
  • Better surface quality and tool life due to less tendency to vibrate.
  • No need for head to body orientation.

Higher Productivity and Profitability

  • Longer tool life with increased hole and surface quality due to lapped ground leads.
  • Highest metal removal rate at higher speeds and feeds due to reaming specific grades and substrates.
  • Improved straightness and cylindrical form compared to competitive tools and reduced vibration tendency due to unequal flutes.


  • Diameters up to 50mm available with and without internal coolant in 1 ?m steps.
  • Intermediate diameters of standard program available with short delivery time.
  • RHM tooling for machining heat-resistant materials, as well as different lengths and couplings or shanks, available on request.

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Additional Information

SKU 3861192
Manufacturer Kennametal
Tool Group Round Shank Axial Actuation 5D
CSWS System Size KST250 (27.50 - 32.50)
D1 - mm 27.50
D max - mm 32.50
D - mm 25.00
L - mm 217.50
L2 - mm 145.50
Central Lock Screw KST250250AS

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